Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas 2010

For Christmas this year my family met at my sister Britt's house in Salt Lake City. As usual it was a great time, with lots of game playing and tons of eating. From there I flew over to Colorado to meet up with some old friends. Colorado has the craziest weather in the winter, one day I was playing golf in 60 degree weather, and a couple days later I was snowboarding in zero degree weather. I somehow didn't manage to take my camera out of my bad one single time while in Colorado. My good friend Chris drove to Colorado from St. Louis. Since road trips are just about my favorite thing, I decided to drive back to St. Louis with Chris. I thought St. Louis was amazing, and had lots of fun there. If anyone is ever going through St. Louis, you have to check out City Museum, it is my new favorite place. Here are a couple photo's from my trip. To see more click here.

Jack decorating his Christmas stocking. We make new one's every year out of tube socks and puff paint.

Riian putting skulls on her stocking, yup skulls she is that cool.

Zoe is tired

Riian and Britt playing a christmas song

Izzy being awesome

The arch is awesome

arch composite
A bunch of photo's put together to show the arch

View from the Arch

Old abandoned building

Cool old buildings

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