Thursday, January 2, 2014


Samantha and I decided to go visit some friends in Kauai in November. It was a amazing trip, so amazing that we decided we needed to head back right away. Lucky for us we have friends in Oahu as well. So about two weeks after we got back we took a quick trip out to Oahu. Here are some photo's from our trip. 

 photo 11431217294_92f9a34d8d_b_zps9a8c66dc.jpg
Mahaulepu Beach

 photo 11431222104_1769dfbe8f_b_zps9b5a176d.jpg
Baby at the beach

 photo 11431247236_b45ec0a894_b_zpsaa974c09.jpg

 photo 11431221004_e131c44a16_b_zps351004ae.jpg
Kilauea Lighthouse

 photo 11431192445_71d4759f18_b_zpsac15bed8.jpg
Polihale State Park

 photo 11431211954_70be6afd07_b_zpse7130cba.jpg
Footprints in the sand Polihale Beach

 photo 11431190375_2ddfb81d3f_b_zps80b5c9da.jpg
Sunset on Polihale Beach

 photo 11431349943_927e3cbfdf_b_zps891612a2.jpg
Samantha at Polihale

 photo 11431350983_2a1a7c87d5_b_zps571dc149.jpg
Polihale Beach

 photo 11431189025_da3b7ac4c5_b_zps9b5dafcf.jpg
Samantha on the Beach

 photo 11431255414_12b0ac181a_b_zpse46bab78.jpg
China Walls

 photo 11431280846_849004a503_b_zps1f83fd1f.jpg
China Walls

 photo 11431221405_46c46d4984_b_zpsef851761.jpg
Samantha jumping off China walls

 photo 11431238585_c2f861ddd4_b_zps6cfc0f7c.jpg
Waikiki Beach

 photo 11431384783_efb4da5eba_b_zps99e577e9.jpg
Waikiki Beach

 photo 11431231895_68f56053a3_h_zps328c9dc4.jpg
Hiking in Oahu

 photo 11431224775_8489fda0a9_b_zps7e5f20d3.jpg
We found a rope swing!


I just stumbled across these photo's I took up at the Tulip Fields last spring, so I figured I would post a few. Better late than never I guess.

 photo 9501274918_84fe51eb58_b_zpsae1a5b13.jpg

 photo 9501274490_719520725d_h_zps7af641e4.jpg

 photo 9501275628_f1e22e59e6_b_zpsdb1c2087.jpg

Glacier National Park

I haven't made a post in a really long time, so I thought I would make a few. Over the Summer Samantha and I went to Glacier National Park, while we were there we got engaged. Here are a few photo's from our journey.

 photo 9498591091_df5b005952_b_zps9522f4e2.jpg
Hidden Lake

 photo 9498587213_a2e926f2f4_b_zps440dd7ce.jpg
Samantha Hiking

 photo 9501390696_91f47aa4cf_b_zps13e4421b.jpg
We made it to the top

 photo 9501393596_571d80defc_b_zpsf38901c7.jpg
We found a mountain goat

 photo 9501384482_f152a48904_b_zps15b1a814.jpg
Iceberg Lake

 photo 9501394328_a1453e1a9a_b_zpsa6d9f37a.jpg
Avalanche Creek

 photo 9498594273_b736f36cf5_b_zps96bc5262.jpg
Avalanche Lake

 photo 9501395918_ba5a3f0f3f_b_zpsebe11d95.jpg
Saint Mary Lake

 photo 9501376710_150cac0a42_b_zps24223ea3.jpg
Lake Sherburne