Thursday, January 2, 2014

Glacier National Park

I haven't made a post in a really long time, so I thought I would make a few. Over the Summer Samantha and I went to Glacier National Park, while we were there we got engaged. Here are a few photo's from our journey.

 photo 9498591091_df5b005952_b_zps9522f4e2.jpg
Hidden Lake

 photo 9498587213_a2e926f2f4_b_zps440dd7ce.jpg
Samantha Hiking

 photo 9501390696_91f47aa4cf_b_zps13e4421b.jpg
We made it to the top

 photo 9501393596_571d80defc_b_zpsf38901c7.jpg
We found a mountain goat

 photo 9501384482_f152a48904_b_zps15b1a814.jpg
Iceberg Lake

 photo 9501394328_a1453e1a9a_b_zpsa6d9f37a.jpg
Avalanche Creek

 photo 9498594273_b736f36cf5_b_zps96bc5262.jpg
Avalanche Lake

 photo 9501395918_ba5a3f0f3f_b_zpsebe11d95.jpg
Saint Mary Lake

 photo 9501376710_150cac0a42_b_zps24223ea3.jpg
Lake Sherburne

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